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graco 3-in-1 Nautilus Tara baby car seat
Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat with Safety Surround.
Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Baby Car Seat with Safety Surrond Pratt.

Our Pick - Graco Car Seat Nautilus

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Where To Purchase the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 Car Seat

When we had completed our research we were sure the Nautilus Graco Car Seat was the one for my friend's little girl.  Our shopping spot is usually Target but we did find that the Nautilus can be bought on Ebay and at

If you fly a lot (which my friend doesn't do much of) an accessory you may be interested in is this car seat travel cover for car seat air travel that we ran across.

However, the glass breaker seat belt cutter was something that we though would be good to have. I think this is a nice safety item for adults and children while riding in a car. The other safety item that we selected was the First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher . This is something that we just don't think about for the car but it can be worth it's weight in gold if you have an accident that causes a fire.











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